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Up On Two Wheels

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern Rarely does Victory & Reseda cover anything with two wheels. In this case, it is driven by your interest. I found out that aside your love for four-wheeled transport, you also love two-wheeled – … Continue reading

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Watching The Big Trucks Fly

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern Deep inside all of us is a person that loves crazy things that drive, fly and land. This is not to reduce the fun and excitement of Monster Jam. It is a form of … Continue reading

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Historiography: A Personal History of Flight

Tweet …indeed! All Photos by Randy Stern I arrived from my trip to the Chicago Auto Show this past Friday. The memory of a successful show still lingers. It was a great trip overall. However, there is nothing like getting … Continue reading

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Quickies: Higher Voltage

Tweet 2017 Chevrolet Volt – All Photos by Randy Stern You can never give up when you truly believe in something. Electrification is a part of the mobility scheme for the future. Though the indicators show that we will see … Continue reading

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Chicago 2017: “Blair Witch,” “Star Wars,” and Then Some…

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern I could do a standard-issue look at the 109th edition of the Chicago Auto Show. However, I have done that plenty of times. In fact, this is my tenth time I visited the show. … Continue reading

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Chicago 2017: Preview Time!

Tweet Photo by Randy Stern The Chicago Auto Show is almost here. This will be my seventh straight time I have been credentialed to work as a member of the automotive media. This will also be my ninth Chicago show … Continue reading

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The Birthday Jeep

Tweet 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4X4 – All Photos by Randy Stern In my 50-plus years of life, I don’t recall ever getting a Jeep for my birthday. Not that I ever had one. Nor do I recall getting … Continue reading

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My Favorites From My Birth Year

Tweet “You knew I had to show up eventually…” – All Photos by Randy Stern What was so good about the year I was born? The Beatles, The Supremes, Muscle and Pony Cars…am I missing anything else? Here’s an idea: … Continue reading

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Commentary: The (Re)State of V&R – 2017

Tweet On Wednesday, February 1, 29 folks showed up at Joey Nova’s in Tonka Bay, MN for some dinner. It was supposed to be Victory & Reseda’s official send-off of the 2017 Polar Run. However, it turned into many other … Continue reading

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Chicago 2002: A Look Back


Stockard Channing had this monologue in the movie “Six Degrees of Separation” where she proclaims that her encounter with the young man who turns out not to be Sidney Portier’s son was “an experience” and it perceived to be “an anecdote” to her life. Now, I don’t know about all that, but I must say that my first foray into “serious journalism” back in 2002 was an experience nonetheless.

As I mentioned before, I love cars. Through the experience of reading the automotive enthusiast magazines, I entertained the idea of a possible career as a road test reviewer. To be able to drive some of the hottest cars on the market for 1,000 miles at a time and criticize its characteristics seemed like to be one of the coolest jobs on the planet.

Before I was asked to write for Midwest Ursine, I already dreamed of being an equal to the likes of L.J.K. Setright, Georg Kacher, Csaba Csere, David E. Davis and P.J. O’Rourke. Unfortunately, Mr. O’Rourke graduated to be being a right-wing, whining Baby Boomer pinhead with a successful portfolio of books. Yet, unlike the late Mr. Setright, I cannot ride the two-wheeled variety of vehicles he fancies alongside the Rolls-Royces, the Bristols and the Ferraris.

So, I wanted an opportunity to expand my journalistic world away from commenting on the bear community. I love my bear/leather/chub brethren, but there’s more to life than bar nights, bear runs, sleep disorders and sex.

For this leap into “serious journalism,” I picked the 101st Chicago Auto Show, which was held at the massive McCormick Place convention center south of The Loop. To make this work, I had an accomplice, Tom Wray, Midwest Ursine’s (now Great Lakes Den) publisher. We ran around in our badges, took shots of concept cars, the latest productions vehicles and having Tom witness squeezing my large body into everything from the Chrysler Prowler to the rear seat of the Lincoln Town Car Cartier L. All of this with the intent on creating a main story piece relating the auto show experience for its intended readership.
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