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My Favorite Vehicles of 1969

TweetThe year 1969 was the “calm after the storm.” Or, was it? Richard M. Nixon was sworn in as the President of the United States. We finally had a lunar landing, thanks to Neil Armstrong and “Buzz” Aldrin, with Michael … Continue reading

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Historiography: The Film Star

TweetSocial media acts as a barometer on what the world thinks of one thing or another. It has become the court of public opinion for many to the ire of a few.   One such example is the debut of … Continue reading

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Commentary: My Own 10-Year Challenge

TweetDid you have fun doing the 10-year challenge on social media? I did. I stretched the rules a bit. This was really taking off when I was doing the La Crosse Day Trip Challenge. Since I was in a mocking … Continue reading

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The Speculator’s 2019 Version of The Crystal Ball Method of Prediction

TweetCan’t kick a good idea, but we cringe on the bad ones! How many rumors have you heard that make you wonder the overall intelligence of humanity? How many of those rumors do you think that you can come up … Continue reading

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Detroit 2019: A Bit of Warmth Inside Cobo for One Last Winter

TweetForget about Emotional Support Musical Instruments, airports understaffed due to the government shutdown, trains, and Wisconsin…can we talk about automobiles, again? We can. The North American International Auto Show opened for its final January at Cobo Hall in Detroit. We … Continue reading

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Travelogue: The 2019 Day Trip Challenge – The Winter Edition

TweetEarly Saturday morning. It’s dark outside. Even as we past the Winter Equinox last month with the promise of longer daytime hours, I still end up fumbling in the dark. A good night’s sleep at a downtown Minneapolis hotel helped. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Non-Business Trips of All Time

TweetYou probably guess that this is yet another travel-related piece… Well, the theme of this month in V&R has been travel. You probably found that a lot of this month’s content is centered on this subject through this month’s historiography … Continue reading

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MSP: The Home Airport Advantage

TweetHow do you feel about your home airport? It is a place that should be very familiar to you. You know how to get there, you know when to check in to which airport at the terminal you need to … Continue reading

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Historiography: Riding The Rails

Tweet“There’s something about a train that’s magic.” This was the first line from a jingle that encouraged travelers to ride the rails on Amtrak – the passenger rail service that traverses the USA. Amtrak had its ups and downs since … Continue reading

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Commentary: Traveling With Your Emotional Support [Fill in the Blank]

TweetYou have a what? And, you’re taking that on the plane?!? What prompted those questions was my last trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. I was picking up my roommate from her flight from San Francisco. In the baggage claim … Continue reading

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