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Quickies: As Published Elsewhere (Volume II)

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern It’s tough when you give a publication “first rights” to a vehicle subject. It’s even tougher when those vehicles are headline grabbers…and are superb! This is the story of this batch “As Published Elsewhere” … Continue reading

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Quickies: A Four-Ringed Duet

Tweet 2018 Audi A5 Sportback – All Photos by Randy Stern I will admit feeling guilty about not giving some brands their due on this site. In other publications, absolutely! Those brands attract a wide swath of customers buying their … Continue reading

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Commentary: Is $18 Billion Enough?

Tweet Photo by Randy Stern $18 billion is how much it costs to lie to consumers. Volkswagen AG has reached a settlement with the EPA to rectify an issue with their 2.0 liter TDI engines. VW will initiate a three-pronged … Continue reading

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Geneva 2016: Palexpo, Round 2

TweetV12s, carbon fiber and supercars are the best distraction from reality. The Geneva Auto Show has always been about glitz and glamour. This year has been nothing different with showstoppers like the Aston Martin DB11 or Lamborghini’s birthday present to … Continue reading

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Historiography: Of Porsche, Piech and Volkswagen

Tweet A family resemblance? All Photos by Randy Stern “Like peas in a pod.” Or, would you rather think “Reese’s peanut butter cup?” The story of Porsche and Volkswagen has always been intertwined with each other. It is a story … Continue reading

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Funf favroite deutsche Automobile

Tweet Just a couple of Porsche 911s… Photo by Randy Stern You know I am Jewish, right? Big shock? Nah, I was born that way. Thank you Lady Gaga for the song, by the way… As part of a post-World … Continue reading

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Playing In The Sandbox

Tweet One of several vehicles driven during the Midwest Automotive Media Association Fall Rally – 2013 Audi A4 2.0T. All photos by Randy Stern Even mature adult working professionals can be “kids in the candy store.” How so? Put a … Continue reading

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The Roundel Experience

Tweet 2012 BMW 328i sedan. All Photos by Randy Stern In other to become a fully-fledged automotive enthusiast, you must drive a [fill in the blank]. I am certain there will be many responses as to complete the sentence above. … Continue reading

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The Class of 1982: An Accidential Automotive Journalist

Through the process of recalling my senior year in high school, I was reminded by a couple of friends and their new cars. One was lucky to get a locally produced model that debuted that model year. The other bought his in its second year after switching to front wheel drive.

The funny thing is…I barely remembered both vehicles. Then again, I recently forgot the name of the Ford F-150-based pickup Lincoln sold several years ago (the Mark LT – it was pretty forgettable, mind you). Further to the point of an eventual onset of early Alzheimer’s the plethora of high performance machinery Chrysler sold with Carroll Shelby’s name emblazoned on the rear.

However, I will prove that my memory is still in good shape! Every month going forward until the Reseda High School Class of 1982 Reunion in 2012, a feature about a vehicle or automotive experience from that year as a way to look back at how the automobile became an integral part of my life by the time I walked out of Roy Jae Stadium the night of graduation.

After the exhaustive look at the model year that was…what other stories could be told from 1982? Continue reading

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The Class of 1982

Thirty years ago…a lot happened.

The list can go on forever, but I will concentrate on the most important thing overall: Graduating high school. As I realize today that I am indeed on the latter side of my forties, remembering every moment of that year seems a bit difficult these days.

Thankfully, there’s Google. Not for what I exactly did in 1982 – but, rather, the trivial parts of that year.

At the onset of graduation, I ended up the responsibility of car ownership. The 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Luxury Sedan of my mother’s was in my care. I was free to do what I please with it – replace tires, fuel up daily, baby the car when it overheated…and so forth.

By that time, I truly grasped the idea of the automobile and its inner workings. At least it was getting there. Sports, cars and music filled my time in-between studies and various plots to go somewhere else. Girls? Well…you probably know where that went by now.

As a public service to the Reseda High School Class of 1982, I offer this little glimpse at our senior year through the windshield of the automobile industry.
Continue reading

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