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Quickies: An Exercise in Overindulgence at #MAMA18SR

Tweet 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge – All Photos by Randy Stern The one theme I wanted to explore at the 2018 Midwest Automotive Media Association Spring Rally was to explore the idea of luxury and prestige further. I left … Continue reading

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Commentary: There Goes Another Mid-Sized Pickup…

Tweet It was only a matter of time that Mercedes-Benz would enter in the pickup business. But, first, the news item: Mercedes-Benz took the first step into the pickup truck business by giving us two concepts based on the future … Continue reading

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Commentary: The Love of Three Cars (And The Work Behind Each One)

Tweet Photo by BobbiLe N’Diaye/BobbiLe Ba Photography I have been told various times how lucky I am. Maybe. My humility gets in the way. Sometimes, I just smile and enjoy that light shining upon my soul. No, wait, that is … Continue reading

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Quickies: Surprise! It is a smart!

Tweet 2013 smart forTwo pure coupe from car2go. All Photos by Randy Stern This car2go thing is really playing out at the most opportune time. On cold mornings when waiting for Metro Transit to bound up to North Memorial Hospital … Continue reading

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Commentary: Because Commercial Vehicles

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern The question was asked on Lavender magazine in reference to my review of the 2012 Ram 1500 Tradesman: “Um, wait, why is there a pickup truck appearing in Lavender this week?” It is legitimate … Continue reading

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WWRD? It Begins

Remember “Toonces The Driving Cat?”

You have to admit that was one of Saturday Night Live‘s most brilliant ideas during the Phil Hartman era. The concept of having a cat that drove the family car even with Victoria Jackson and Steve Martin in it was something else.

You know who else loves to drive? Me! Yet, compared to Toonces, I avoid any cliff as humanly possible.

The point here is a new fun and interactive way to develop crowd-sourced content towards further engagement for V&R. I call it “WWRD?” Translation: What Would Randy Drive?

How this works is simple. Via V&R‘s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, I will ask the question for WWRD? submissions. The submissions are compiled and delivered with 3-5 vehicles as called out by YOU.

On your end, just give me a vehicle – any car, truck, SUV/crossover, van of any make, model and year. What I do is compile what I know of said vehicle and give you an answer why or why not I would drive it. I’ll also explain why. Continue reading

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