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My Favorites From My Birth Year

Tweet “You knew I had to show up eventually…” – All Photos by Randy Stern What was so good about the year I was born? The Beatles, The Supremes, Muscle and Pony Cars…am I missing anything else? Here’s an idea: … Continue reading

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Which Half-Ton Pickup is The Best?

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern There are currently six full-sized half-ton pickups to choose from in the U.S.A. I know, big deal! However, please understand why this topic is important. By volume, the pickup truck is the backbone of … Continue reading

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V&R Stories: The Last Ride of The Taurus


Twenty years ago, I had the opportunity to drive my first Ford Taurus. It came as I rented the car for the weekend as I had tickets for a San Diego Chargers game down at Jack Murphy (now Qualcomm) Stadium and my employer’s holiday party. It was a daunting task to drive from Reseda to San Diego and back in time for the party in Woodland Hills, but I was up for a challenge. Besides, this would be the first time I would drive between two major cities.

After piling up the miles on that first trip, I was impressed with Ford’s breakthrough family sedan. Impress enough to welcome it again a couple of months later when I had to drive up to the Bay Area to retrieve some items from my late father’s estate. For the amount of travel I have done between both Northern and Southern California, a Taurus helped me achieve my first ever trip between the two areas from behind the wheel. Interstate 5 through the Central Valley can be a lonely highway, but that 1987 Taurus GL was a true traveling companion.

During these past two decades, the Ford Taurus became the car that was my ticket to adventure. I never owned a Taurus to get the full experience of the car, but I had driven more of my share of them to rack up some wonderful times behind the wheel. With the exception of the SHO, I may have driven every version of one of the best products Ford created.

The “jellybean” shape struck a chord with consumers looking for a family sedan that stood and performed admirably. On December 26, 1985, the Taurus, along with its twin the Mercury Sable, arrived at dealerships to a hungry public. In turn, they had one of the best new car introductions in Ford history selling as many Tauruses as they did in the first year of the Mustang in 1964. Continue reading

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Historiography: Ford’s Brougham Division

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern Social media can yield either great things or a bunch of crap. You can look beyond the trolls, the wannabe friends, the haters and the noise from these channels. When you do, you will … Continue reading

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My Favorite Forbidden Fruit – Round Two

Tweet Over the past few years, the gap between things we (USA people) cannot have and could possibly get have narrowed. Part of it due to the limitation on importing vehicles outside of the country – whether the regulation is … Continue reading

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L.A. 2016: Oh, Look, Stormtroopers!

Tweet I would’ve gone to the Los Angeles Auto Show this year. But… Excuses, excuses. You heard it all. And, you probably heard how much the marketing tie-up between Nissan and Disney/Lucasfilm created an attractive exhibit this year on the … Continue reading

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Quickies: At Long Last!

Tweet 2017 Lincoln Continental – All Photos by Randy Stern For me, this is the most anticipated new product by Ford in a very long time. To make that distinction, there is some qualification needed here. By specifically naming Ford … Continue reading

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#MAMA16FR – 25 Years in The Making

Tweet A typical Wednesday morning at Autobahn Country Club – All Photos by Randy Stern Why is the Midwest Automotive Media Association such an honor to be a member of? A discussion with one of its board members came up … Continue reading

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Historiography: the Mighty Continental

Tweet 1940 Lincoln Continental at the 2016 10,000 Lakes Concours d’Elegance – All Photos by Randy Stern When I was a toddler, you had a few choices for luxury cars. One of them became an icon for the era. A … Continue reading

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Remain in Focus

Tweet 2016 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback – All Photos by Randy Stern A Victory & Reseda review of the 2016 Ford Focus Back in 2000, I got to drive the then-new Ford Focus. It was a complete revelation on how … Continue reading

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