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Historiography: The American Compact Car

Tweet Ford Falcon – All Photos by Randy Stern By the Fall of 1959, the North American automotive industry came to their senses. The rise of Volkswagen ushered in a period where the domestic automotive industry had to respond to … Continue reading

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Historiography: The Last of The Independents

Tweet The idea of a merger was to bring two entities together, find synergies between the two and eventually create a single path towards success. This is a concept that business students study through cases in their coursework. When it … Continue reading

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Five Favorites From The 1950s

Tweet Photo by Randy Stern Imagine if I lived in the 1950s. In some ways, it was a time for a nation to celebrate its greatest victory, despite a militaristic detour in Korea. It was a time when everyone was … Continue reading

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The Class of 1982: The Franco-American Affair

If divine foreign intervention did not come in time for an American automaker, the company in question would have probably ceased to exist by 1982.

It is an audacious statement to make where history was thwarted to save a company from extinction. We’ve seen this many times over the past 30 years where Detroit-based automakers sought alliances and acquisitions with other automakers around the globe. To recall each one would be a massive effort to digest and analyze. Yet, most of the readers of this site have probably forgotten the scenario that put American Motors on the brink before Renault came in to assist them through most of the 1980s. Continue reading

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