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Quickies: As Published Elsewhere (Part III)

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern The summer may be turning its hottest corner, but that does not mean there’s no cooling down of content. In this batch “As Published Elsewhere” Quickies reviews, the selection of vehicles turn towards the … Continue reading

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My Favorite Vehicles of 2016

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern #VOTY16 has been awarded. The editorial calendar has turned over a new year. It is cause for celebration! There is one more bit of business to take care of. As a tradition, I sit … Continue reading

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Maximum Owner Engagement

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern We North Americans should be very thankful that BMW brought back the MINI to our shores. Why? If you remember the old Mini – whether it was an Austin, a Morris or simply a … Continue reading

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Your Turn: Introducing KUMAKART

Tweet “Your Turn” is back! V&R has not always been about Randy Stern, Tyler Lipa and other writers who have contributed to this site. It is about you! Yes, YOU! You got an automotive-related story to tell – tell it … Continue reading

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WWRD? A Year Later…

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern It’s baaaaack! Last year, I began a series called WWRD? – or, “What Would Randy Drive?” This gives you, dear reader, the opportunity to engage with me by asking me if I would drive … Continue reading

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Five Favorites from Auto Show Seasons Past

Next year will mark ten years since I covered my first auto show. No, seriously…

It is a momentous occasion since working press at an auto show has evolved from covering what’s new on the scene as a place

Yet, sometime within the last month or so, someone on Twitter called press days at an auto show as sort of a “circle jerk.” I get his frustration, as covering the industry certainly has changed over time. Traditional media has been threatened by the likes of myself…and we’re being threatened by outlets that can distill the news even quicker.

Still, there is room at the table for all of us – and we’re networking with each other all the time. In fact, the industry and the press are interconnected in ways unimaginable when it was strictly the traditional media covering the industry.

In retort to that Tweet that called auto show press days a “circle jerk,” I still believe that we need a day to meet with our industry counterparts, enjoy the excitement of vehicle launches and provide varying perspectives on the industry back to you – the readership.

Since the first major USA show is coming up at the Los Angeles Convention Center; this actually calls for a Five Faves post! This posting revolves a single question: What five vehicles made my auto show press coverage experience worth the effort?

That would mean logging back top the 2002 Chicago Auto Show – the one I covered with Midwest Ursine/Tillery Publications along with current Windy City Banner publisher Tom Wray.

I did come up with five vehicles over the past ten years. Here they are… Continue reading

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