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Twin Cities 2012: The Celebration Comes Home

The hometown auto show can still be welcoming…sometimes.

This year’s Twin Cities Auto Show packed the Minneapolis Convention Center with plenty of eye candy for everyone. Though devoid of the concepts seen at the major shows, there were plenty of surprises to be had on the show floor. Overall, one goal was accomplished – it brought every brand sold in the state of Minnesota (and Western Wisconsin) under one roof.

I was there on the first day, Saturday March 10th, as well as Media event on Monday March 12th. Both days were needed to take in photography and catch up on vehicles I saw in Chicago. It was also a chance to interface with local friends, industry folks and to see who in the local media would cover this event.

The event also engaged my links back to my core readership through a preview in Lavender magazine and promos through two local community organizations – the North Country Bears and the Minneapolis Movie Bears. Tickets were given away to a lucky few readers and supporters in drawings held at two events. In all, this Auto Show was to increase engagement with the readership.

The show offered more for the attendee. Continue reading

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Five Favorites from the 2011 Auto Shows

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Twin Cities 2011: The Home Auto Show Advantage – Part 2

Tweet Random photos from the 2011 Twin Cities Auto Show. Photos by Randy Stern So far, I covered two auto shows this year – and I have no regrets attending either one! In the last part, I gave some of … Continue reading

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Twin Cities 2011: The Home Auto Show Advantage -Part 1

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Twin Cities 2011: Back to the Auto Show…

Tweet The 2010 MotorGeek Vehicle of the Year – the 2011 Hyundai Sonata – at last year’s Twin Cities Auto Show. Photo by Randy Stern I have a lot to tell here, so bear with me… Starting on Saturday, March … Continue reading

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The Reverse Commute – By Northstar

Tweet Northstar train arriving in Big Lake for the afternoon ride home. All photos by Randy Stern In the Twin Cities, regular petrol is now averaging $3.54 a gallon. Diesel is sitting between $3.75 and $3.95 a gallon. Have we … Continue reading

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At War with La Nina

Tweet The Last Mercury – in subzero conditions. Photo by Randy Stern This winter. The brutality of the overnight cold from Thursday night into Friday put a damper on what would be a nice weekend. La Nina was a monster … Continue reading

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