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My Favorite New Vehicle Unveilings

Tweet Over the years in my professional life, I have bore witness to a few exciting new things. These are otherwise known as “unveilings.” These are big auto show moments – sometimes not at auto shows, but mostly they are. … Continue reading

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Detroit 2013: Playing Catch-Up

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern The problem with not attending the big auto shows is you never know what you will miss. Attending the 2013 North American International Auto Show was a dream come true. Detroit’s Cobo Hall always … Continue reading

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The (Mid-Season) Trackside Return of the Snake

Tweet Photo courtesy of Chrysler Group LLC The American Le Mans Series GT class just got thermonuclear. All along, the sports car/prototype racing series attracted some serious racing teams. On the occasion of Sebring and Petit Le Mans, ALMS is … Continue reading

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The Speculator: Post-Dart

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern The Dodge Dart has just about reached its final destination – the showroom. It is a cause for celebration. The transition of Fiat’s C-EVO architecture to become Chrysler’s CUSW platform has now been framed … Continue reading

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The Car Community at The Park

If you want to know where “carmmunity” is celebrated – go to a car show or meet somewhere.

There are plenty of them across the calendar year – everywhere you can imagine for any brand possible. In some places, you can throw a stone and a few cars would gather with their owners swapping ideas on how to improve their vehicle’s looks and/or performance.

Think of these shows as places of worship, combined with a picnic and an open-air market. The faithful come together with their vehicles for a celebration of their interest. The joyful noise you hear is a engine at full throttle.

This is my kind of place. Continue reading

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New York 2012: The Whirling Dervish That Was

Tweet Ralph Gilles kissing another “baby.” Photo courtesy of Chrysler Group LLC Watching Twitter during an auto show is like a whirling dervish. As intoxicating the tweets, impressions and links of posting and photos, it is all dizzying. That was … Continue reading

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Your Turn: A SRT Dream Fulfilled

Tweet Taking Photos of Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. Photo by Randy Stern We, automotive writers and journalists, love getting asked consumer questions. For example: If it were our money, what would we get for a certain vehicle class you’re considering? … Continue reading

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WWRD? It Begins

Remember “Toonces The Driving Cat?”

You have to admit that was one of Saturday Night Live‘s most brilliant ideas during the Phil Hartman era. The concept of having a cat that drove the family car even with Victoria Jackson and Steve Martin in it was something else.

You know who else loves to drive? Me! Yet, compared to Toonces, I avoid any cliff as humanly possible.

The point here is a new fun and interactive way to develop crowd-sourced content towards further engagement for V&R. I call it “WWRD?” Translation: What Would Randy Drive?

How this works is simple. Via V&R‘s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, I will ask the question for WWRD? submissions. The submissions are compiled and delivered with 3-5 vehicles as called out by YOU.

On your end, just give me a vehicle – any car, truck, SUV/crossover, van of any make, model and year. What I do is compile what I know of said vehicle and give you an answer why or why not I would drive it. I’ll also explain why. Continue reading

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Five Favorites from Auto Show Seasons Past

Next year will mark ten years since I covered my first auto show. No, seriously…

It is a momentous occasion since working press at an auto show has evolved from covering what’s new on the scene as a place

Yet, sometime within the last month or so, someone on Twitter called press days at an auto show as sort of a “circle jerk.” I get his frustration, as covering the industry certainly has changed over time. Traditional media has been threatened by the likes of myself…and we’re being threatened by outlets that can distill the news even quicker.

Still, there is room at the table for all of us – and we’re networking with each other all the time. In fact, the industry and the press are interconnected in ways unimaginable when it was strictly the traditional media covering the industry.

In retort to that Tweet that called auto show press days a “circle jerk,” I still believe that we need a day to meet with our industry counterparts, enjoy the excitement of vehicle launches and provide varying perspectives on the industry back to you – the readership.

Since the first major USA show is coming up at the Los Angeles Convention Center; this actually calls for a Five Faves post! This posting revolves a single question: What five vehicles made my auto show press coverage experience worth the effort?

That would mean logging back top the 2002 Chicago Auto Show – the one I covered with Midwest Ursine/Tillery Publications along with current Windy City Banner publisher Tom Wray.

I did come up with five vehicles over the past ten years. Here they are… Continue reading

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It’s SEMA Time!

Tweet 2013 Lexus GS by Five Axis. Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Remember the IAA in Frankfurt? Of course you did. Any automotive enthusiast that the September European auto show (alternating between Frankfurt and Paris) kicks off the … Continue reading

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