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Geneva 2017: Intrigue in Switzerland

Tweet The Geneva International Motor Show never disappoints. It is not just the intriguing products that will never come to North America. This show also includes those that will come here, but with a certain flair designed to engage and … Continue reading

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Commentary: GM – Opel/Vauxhall + PSA = ???

Tweet Just before PALEXPO opened up to the world’s automotive media for the 87th Geneva International Motor Show, there was some major news to report. General Motors and the PSA Groupe – the parent firm of Peugeot and Citroen – … Continue reading

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My Favorite Forbidden Fruit – Round Two

Tweet Over the past few years, the gap between things we (USA people) cannot have and could possibly get have narrowed. Part of it due to the limitation on importing vehicles outside of the country – whether the regulation is … Continue reading

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The Speculator: Envision This!

Tweet Wait, that Buick rendering sort of looks like me! All Photos by Randy Stern You hear that cheering in the background? It is because General Motors is going ahead and replacing one of its more popular vehicles. Though reports … Continue reading

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Five Favorite “Brief Appearances”

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern O, Five Favorites, we hardly knew ye… Frankly, the old Five Faves have been set aside somehow thanks to Auto Show coverage, going Way Off Road and whatever floats V&R’s boat…er, car. That does … Continue reading

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WWRD? It Begins

Remember “Toonces The Driving Cat?”

You have to admit that was one of Saturday Night Live‘s most brilliant ideas during the Phil Hartman era. The concept of having a cat that drove the family car even with Victoria Jackson and Steve Martin in it was something else.

You know who else loves to drive? Me! Yet, compared to Toonces, I avoid any cliff as humanly possible.

The point here is a new fun and interactive way to develop crowd-sourced content towards further engagement for V&R. I call it “WWRD?” Translation: What Would Randy Drive?

How this works is simple. Via V&R‘s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, I will ask the question for WWRD? submissions. The submissions are compiled and delivered with 3-5 vehicles as called out by YOU.

On your end, just give me a vehicle – any car, truck, SUV/crossover, van of any make, model and year. What I do is compile what I know of said vehicle and give you an answer why or why not I would drive it. I’ll also explain why. Continue reading

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Frankfurt 2011: Fünf Lieblinge von IAA

Oh, to be in Frankfurt in September…

Frankfurt? Why would I want to be in Germany, let alone Europe? I have not been to the old world…ever. Is that a bad thing to say?

Opportunities…I had a few. But, I stuck to my “discover North America first” travel mantra for too long. I’m not a young man, anymore… Continue reading

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