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Quickies: Driven at #MAMA17SR

Tweet The highlight of #MAMA17SR: 2017 Rolls-Royce Dawn – All Photos by Randy Stern My fourth Midwest Automotive Media Association Spring Rally was intended to make up for a lost year away from it. The Road America course, the nearby … Continue reading

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#MAMA17SR: Well…

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern How do I make up for a lost year? I thought I did when I returned to the Midwest Automotive Media Association’s Fall Rally last year after skipping the larger Spring event at Road … Continue reading

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Commentary: The (Re)State of V&R – 2017

Tweet On Wednesday, February 1, 29 folks showed up at Joey Nova’s in Tonka Bay, MN for some dinner. It was supposed to be Victory & Reseda’s official send-off of the 2017 Polar Run. However, it turned into many other … Continue reading

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Happy 2017!

Tweet Oliebollen, American Style – Photo by Randy Stern It is sunrise on a new year! Welcome to 2017! What should we expect from the fresh new mark on the Gregorian Calendar? The expected, perhaps? Or, maybe, the unexpected? Either … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings from Victory & Reseda

Tweet Photo by Randy Stern As the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars collide, we find ourselves in an interesting and rare moment between two holiday traditions. This Saturday is not just Christmas Eve; it is the first night of Hanukkah. Many … Continue reading

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Driving Other People’s Vehicles

If you are not a car owner or had a car that is in the shop, you wound up with something else to drive in. For those who can afford it, loaner and rental cars fit the bill. For others, the kindness of strangers takes on another dimension entirely.

The way I approach automobile ownership is that of a possessive, anal, reverent and spiritual nature. As a hand drummer, I uphold the traditional point-of-view that the drum is a personal companion through the world of music and shamanism. The drum has your soul connected to the instrument and you are protective of your drum to never let anyone touch it.

Hopefully, this helps to understand the mentality of the owners of Ferraris, Rolls-Royces and any classic or antique vehicle. Don’t touch their car unless they completely trust you and you have the competency required to operate such a fragile machine.

As for the rest of us, it’s not the question of “can I borrow your car,” but the offer to car-sit one’s vehicle while one is off on a trip. So, yes, I’m a car-sitter. I do it for free. Continue reading

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Commentary: Reclaiming The Passion For The Automobile

Since I was a child, I always had a passion for the automobile. This began by reading magazines, such as Motor Trend and Car and Driver. For an elementary school child, reading such material helped my general reading and comprehension a lot. Sure, I was quoting a road test from a Dodge Challenger, but at least I reading at my grade level.

Even as I was approaching driving age, I always wanted to experience the best cars in the world. That was until I found out how uncoordinated my left leg was when it came to engaging the clutch on a manual transmission car. This worked out for the best thanks to new technology in transmissions today.

Due to my mother’s disability from a debilitating stroke, I wound up with her car: a 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Luxury sedan. I remember failing my first driver’s test in that boat! I was glad that my private instructor gave me permission to pass my test on his Datsun B210. I wanted to drive so badly, I didn’t care what I drove. Continue reading

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High on a Plynth

Tweet 2016 Lexus RC 200t F Sport – All Photos by Randy Stern This is one of my favorite coupes… I know…I have too many favorite coupes. Yes, the mind changes a few yards to the wind on regular occasion, … Continue reading

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Brock Yates: 1933-2016

Tweet How did you learn how to read? My reading experience started with “Dick and Jane,” but it was enhanced by reading what we call the “buff books.” The latter is a term used for the monthly magazines published to … Continue reading

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#MAMA16FR – 25 Years in The Making

Tweet A typical Wednesday morning at Autobahn Country Club – All Photos by Randy Stern Why is the Midwest Automotive Media Association such an honor to be a member of? A discussion with one of its board members came up … Continue reading

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