V&R Stories: The Last Ride of The Taurus

In 1986, I had the opportunity to drive my first Ford Taurus. It came as I rented the car for the weekend as I had tickets for a San Diego Chargers game down at Jack Murphy (now Qualcomm) Stadium and my employer’s holiday party. It was a daunting task to drive from Reseda to San Diego and back in time for the party in Woodland Hills, but I was up for a challenge. Besides, this would be the first time I would drive between two major cities.

Luxury At Scale

This large SUV fit in its role nicely. It is substantial, loaded with technology, very robust, and heavier than most products sold alongside of it.

Commentary: Welcome to 2022

You probably have some resolutions. That’s great. If you can keep them up beyond today, you got a chance to accomplish something you always wanted to do.