Have a Ball…Any Ball!

In every culture, there is a form of sport that we follow closely to a mass following. The want of sport is a national obsession used as an escape from reality. Moreover, some use sport, as it is integral with reality, despite the escapist tendencies of fandom.

Commentary: What is a Car Community?

It has been a pattern that I have found when presented with opportunities to make inroads in a community. Prior to coming out, finding a community meant hanging out with a clique of your peers. Whether they become friends for life may determine whether they follow you on social media or not.

When You Need A New Car Right Now

Consider your essential job, for a moment. You live on a tight budget. You have to go where transit service was severely cut. You need reliable transportation that can for you and your family and the week’s essentials.

Eclipsing All Expectations

By now, you have heard a lot about the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. You heard that it is a great entry into the small SUV segment. You heard that its turbocharged performance is really good while returning solid fuel economy. You heard that it has a design that might suit everyone.

Commentary: We Are All Car Whisperers

Come on, admit it. There's a bit of oddity in you. Something that stands out that you don’t want to world to see. Something you do that bucks against how you were supposed to be raised and socialized.

My Thoughts Exactly: 2020 Volkswagen Passat

The North America-only NMS-platform B7 Passat arrived on the scene at the 2011 North American International Auto Show. The Chattanooga, Tennessee-produced mid-sized sedan caused quite a stir, even though Volkswagen had been known to produce localized products for specific segments.

Commentary: Nissan's Latest Path Forward

This is the challenge of Nissan as it announced its plan going forward from massive global financial losses and sales. This plan was announced by Nissan CEO Makato Uchida at their headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, as some of these measures and plans have been reported elsewhere in bits and pieces.