My Thoughts Exactly: 2020 Subaru Outback

It may appear to be one, if you apply the classic definition of one onto the Subaru Outback. Breaking it down, the Outback is co-developed with the Legacy sedan – a wagon version, if you must be technical about it. Yet, Subaru adds more to the mix to make it more crossover-ish towards being a lower height SUV.

#VOTY2020 – Getting Closer to Voting

The #VOTY2020 process is underway. The Media Panel has been submitting their votes and the scores have been tabulated on the Objective and Social media sections of this award process. Once everything is tabulated, then the finalists will be announced, and the live ballot will be open to everyone!

My Thoughts Exactly: 2020 Ford Edge ST

For example, the Edge started a segment of SUVs that people figured out they really needed after all. The mid-sized, two-row SUV is truly the "Goldilocks solution" to the genre – fitting between the popular compact SUV and the equally popular mid-size, three-row SUV.

On The Dial: Testing Your Favorite Song For Audio Excellence

For starters, it is a multi-part piece of science and art that is fused into creating an optimal space for music to live in. It is to expand and concentrate how sound travels through sonic waves and channel separation in an enclosed space – such as an automobile interior.

#VOTY2020 – The Long List

Just like every #VOTY before it, the idea of "vehicle" is not one to put into a row of silos. In our automotive world, we continue to recognize the continued realities of the marketplace, where the SUV is king and queen of the showroom floor. Trucks also played a huge role in this year's #VOTY2020 Long List, as they continue to drive sales volumes in this industry.