The Supreme Grand Touring Convertible Experience

Remember that the first automobiles were built without a roof over the driver’s head. While closed roof vehicles were emerging, there were an equal – if not more – numbers of folding roof cars roaming the newly formed highways and byways of our globe.

Commentary: About Those Rainbow-Infused Social Media Icons…

While some communities are celebrating on the month commemorating the Stonewall Riots of 1969 – the real powder keg that projected the LGBTQ Liberation Movement into orbit worldwide, others are on hold. Plans are in effect for a July, August, September, even October Pride festival or some sort of celebration.

My Thoughts Exactly: 2021 Lexus IS 350 F Sport

The brief overview of this car goes like this: Lexus revamped the IS for 2021. They concentrated on revising basically everything, while retaining the same platform this third generation model rode on since 2013. Their revisions go beyond cosmetic. Lexus claims that the IS has greater rigidity and a more concentrated suspension.

Commentary: Musings On A Changing Automotive Landscape

The first twenty years in this business (the last ten as V&R) has seen some astounding revolutions and evolutions. The automobile is a work of art that has gone through so much that it is still recognizable as a self-propelled vehicle.

Travelogue: The Return of The Summer Road Trip – Yours! (Part 2)

There is a difference. Since most international borders are still shut or restricted to a few people, we had to be creative in our travel pursuits. Based on what I have seen in the travel media, the trend now is to stay within our country’s borders to outdoorsy destinations.

Travelogue: The Return of The Summer Road Trip – Yours! (Part 1)

Which brings me to why we need to have road trips. We get so wrapped up in our lives, our work, and family and friends that we forget to do something for ourselves. Being busy is great and does reap the rewards of hard work and dedication. Yet, you need a reset – a reboot, at times.

Commentary: Pride, In The Name Of This Work

With shutdowns and community guidelines in place, almost every in-person event was cancelled. This year, we’re seeing a limited number of events happening – even with some changes to placate the latest guidelines for gatherings, social distancing, and masking rules.