Quickies: This Is Polestar

While Volvo expands their Recharge sub-brand with full battery electrics in the XC40 and C40, Polestar offers a more premium level of electrified models under its own brand. 

My Favorite Cars From The 1950s

The 1950s provided a glimpse into the future. The Soviets blasted off into space, which was inconceivable at the time. We were flying in faster jet-powered airliners, plugging in guitars, basses and everything else in our music. We even saw a nation that could possibly be integrated and united.

Commentary: Do Influencing Matter?

Let me set aside what transpired with the conclusion and evaluation of this past Pride Road Trip. Nor will I kvetch about being an influencer…

Video: 2021 Honda Ridgeline

Before you answer that, I am pleased to announce the publishing of a new video review on V&R's YouTube channel. This time is for the Honda Ridgeline.