Chicago 2018: We Did a Video, too!

2019 Infiniti QX50 – Photo by Rezal Scharfe/slashMedia

We did promise one more piece from the 2018 Chicago Auto Show…

On top of the photographic images from slashMedia's Kevin Tran and Rezal Scharfe, the collabrotive team came up with a few videos from the show. Two of them are Instagram teasers, while another was just me babbling about a few Lexus models.

However, I need to prop Josh Dvorak here. He's a trooper! The slashMedia team drove all night to get into Chicago to check into their hotel early. Even with the exhaustion and other travails of their weekend in Chicago, Dvorak and his team came through with this video featuring the 2019 Infiniti QX50 with one the brand's product managers.

Our thanks to Infiniti for setting up this video. My thanks to Josh, Kevin, Rezal, and Veronica for their efforts in accomplishing their yields from this challenge of covering a major auto show.

Without further ado…here is the video…

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