Come "Sit With Us" at Back To The 80s

The Back to The 80s show is one of my favorite events here in the Twin Cities. It is an era where my automotive chops truly began from my first driver’s license to experiencing new vehicles from the rental car lots. 

I also call this show the “Radwood of Minnesota.” No offense to the organizers of Radwood, but this is how celebrate the same passion for the decade that further defined the Malaise Era. 

Memories are not enough. This is about preservation and stewardship. That is what we do at Victory & Reseda – to celebrate and encourage stewardship of this era of vehicle for a new generation of classic car enthusiasts. 

That is why Victory & Reseda is a sponsor of this year’s Back to The 80s, to be held on Saturday, June 12 in Burnsville, Minneosta at the Buck Hill Ski area. It will be part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration!

Our sponsorship means having a tent space where we will activate the V&R Lounge. A place to chill and talk about what is at the show. We will be asking for volunteers to help with our tent – to bring chairs, a table, even snacks and drinks – preferably water.

There is another piece to our sponsorship area – a space for YOUR 1980s vehicle. 

This is where you come in. If you have not registered for the Back to The 80s show in Minnesota, who happens to be "local" (Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and North Dakota), owns a 1980s vehicle, and want to "sit with us" – vehicle included – for the show…make a comment below with your entry! 

That’s right! Like in high school, bring your vehicle and come sit with us cool kids! It doesn’t matter who you are – as long as you have a cool ride from the 1980s!

Again, to participate, make a comment below with your entry (or direct message us through our Facebook page with Facebook Messenger. Photos are not required now, but will be requested by me (no catfishing, just a photo of your ride). If you happen to be a non-profit, we want you to join us to help promote your cause or service!

I – and a few other folks involved with V&R – will review all entries and select the coolest one to sit with us! When you’re selected, bring your vehicle to Back to The 80s at Buck Hill in Burnsville and we’ll get you in to, you guessed it, "sit with us!"

One more thing: you must NOT already be registered for Back To The 80s – Minnesota. If you're already registered, you will be allowed to enter in to this contest. You can also "sit with us" by parking next to us or chill out in the V&R Lounge.

Let’s get going here! Bring on your 1980s rides! And, let’s get the celebration rolling at this awesome celebration of that decade! 

Back to The 80s – Minnesota is a show produced by the Minnesota Fieros Forever car club. We thank, Rob Bartlett, Jon Coan, Chris Kliewer, Jeff Rogers, and the rest of the crew for our mutual support since Day One of this totally awesome event! 

Cover photo courtesy of Back To The 80s-Minnesota and Minnesota Fieros Forever

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