Coming To A Theater Near You: Ford v Ferrari

On November 15, the movie you have been waiting for is about to be shown at a theater near you – Ford v Ferrari.

Imagine watching the re-enactment of a seminal event in motorsports history. They cast Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale driver Ken Miles. Also portrayed are Henry Ford II, Lee Iacocca, Enzo Ferrari, Bruce McLaren, and Dan Gurney. The movie released through 20th Century Fox is directed by James Mangold, better known for directing Walk The Line and among other films.

Let me say this: This film better be damn good.

They are telling the story of a rivalry in endurance racing that marked the mid-to-late 1960s. The 24 Hours of Le Mans being center stage for this rivalry. A rivalry that should not have happened but became one thanks to a single act of "about-face" – Ferrari backing out of a deal with Ford to acquire the production works and the Scuderia.

The result was the Ford GT40. It was designed to match up with the Ferrari 330 P3 and the Porsche 906 Carrera. Of course, Porsche will take a backseat to the two antagonists. It all came down to the 1966 24 Hours at Le Mans. The rest is…well…left to be told on film.

There are several versions of the story being re-told. One such retelling is through Donut Media's Past Gas series. I suggest you do some background research before paying your ticket to see the film at your nearest cineplex.

My expectations of the movie are simple: A good retelling of the story, no overacting, and some humor along the way. If you know the legend of Carroll Shelby and the people involved in motorsports in the 1960s, your sense of humor will be evoked.

For a spot of motorsports history, just go see the movie!

Photo by Randy Stern

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