Commentary: Today is Your Day To Vote, America!

Today is the General Election in the USA. 

Getting to this day was one hell of a ride. I live in a country where the campaign for the next Presidential election starts the day after the Inauguration. That would be an almost four-year cycle for either a re-election or the mad scramble to vote the party sitting in the White House out. 

Leading to this day, the automotive industry had to weather various issues that have passed through the White House, the halls of Congress, and every state capitol across this country. Everything from changing the laws for emissions to tax breaks for new facilities in various locations. Even before Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, these issues had always been there. 

Some governments did a better job than others in ensuring that the automotive industry will always provide for the economy of this country. Through wars and economic downturns, this industry kept on working on various scales. Consumers still bought its goods and utilized their services through thick and thin. 

These past four years had been a roller coaster. This year alone challenged the industry to come up with solutions to keep the lines moving. From switching to vehicle production to producing items that will save lives and keep our healthcare and public safety personnel safe. To ensuring that when assembly lines were back to vehicle production, their personnel would be able to do their jobs safely as they followed the guidelines laid down by their respective governments. 

There had also been some flip-flopping on trade policies. Without naming each situation, your view on globalization and trade should guide you on which party to support. I will leave that up to you. 

However, the key item you should consider is the state of this country’s economy. Some people have not forgotten how their jobs and businesses were lost due to the shutdowns imposed by local and state governments. These jobs and businesses include the automotive industry – from dealerships to suppliers and even our media.

Some people also have not forgotten the efforts to ease the economic pain both businesses and individuals endured as this pandemic continues to wear on. 

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, if you do not do your duty and vote in this General Election, you really should not have the right to complain. Nor the right to tell others how to vote. Or, be intimidated by forces that could prevent you from participating in this democracy. 

If you have not submitted your mail-in vote, do so today! Or, just show up to your polling place and vote on a live ballot. If you have to stand in line, be patient. You will get your vote counted.

I hope you have participated in this democracy today. We will deal with the results when all the votes are counted. 

Photo by Randy Stern

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