Commentary: What Dreams Remain

Ferrari California
Would it be awesome if I fulfilled this dream? Photo by Randy Stern

What do I dream of these days?

I'm sure you really want to know. Rather, you would want me to discuss this with a behavioral health professional. Although, it is not a precedent on here since I have discussed such dreams in the past on here.

For example, I talked about cars I have never had the chance to drive, current vehicles I wanted to drive (however, I already accomplished four out of six of them listed in that piece), and vehicles I never got the chance to buy in my lifetime. These articles spell out the idea of missed opportunities due to my status as a younger person or in the professional realm. Certainly these dreams, ambitions, goals – whatever you want to call them – frame the idea that I still have the capacity to accomplish more.

Capacity, yes. Execution is a different story. Given the chance, I can accomplish a lot in this profession.

However, the execution of dreams should not be contingent on who owns what and who pays for it. In my eyes, the absolute notion of fulfilling dreams, goals and aspirations has to center around one thing: How can I make this happen?

From that first question, all other questions come into play. The overarching "how to make it happen" spurns on planning, speculating, budgeting, resourcing and timing. Every time I head down that rabbit hole, I found myself with a roadblock. Is money the problem? Or, is it time? Perhaps resources?

It falls into the idea of creating the story. How can I convey the idea of the story through personal experience? What is the story I am really telling? Who would be interested in knowing what I am doing to tell this story?

These stories are in my head. They are played out in the middle of the night, as I sleep. They sometimes become flashes of visions at lulls in the workday.

What would motivate me to consider these stories? Is it because I have not traveled as much this year than last? Is it because I am restless and want to wander – even at my age? Is it because I want to experience something different that I have never accomplished before?

For this, I want to frame it within the context of storytelling.

What am I really on about here? Well…indulge me…

I dreamed of finally whittling down my "bucket list" of vehicles I want to drive and write about. In my entire lifespan, I have never driven a Porsche 911. Nor have I piloted a Chevrolet Corvette. Not even a Ferrari – any Ferrari – or an Aston Martin. It seems that I have barely scratched the surface in terms of the upper echelons of the automobile. The fact that I am closer to achieving these dreams/goals/etc. is probably motivating me towards doing so. Some may be achieved sooner than later – but I will let the universe dictate that.

I also have dreams of various road experiences. I would love to go off-road in the right vehicle. I would love to do a road trip to one of the oceans. The kind of road trip where I get to reconnect with people from my past and meet new people I have only seen in social media – like you. I would love to visit an automotive landmark I have yet to see. And, I would love to tell you all about these experiences!

The point to all of this is that you cannot wait for these dreams to come true. You have to make it happen. You have to create your own story. You have to keep these ideas fresh in the back of your brain until you are able to execute them.

I might not have long to go on this planet. But, I am in no rush to accomplish these stories. There might be some time available to do them. I just do not want to leave this sphere without a few things accomplished in this work. However, I recognize and acknowledge that I have indeed accomplished a lot in the past five years doing this work. I just want a few more things under my belt…

Even at my age, I still got dreams I want see come true.

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