Crown Rally 2016: Time To Rally!

Crown Rally 2016 - V&R Rivals
Photo by Randy Stern

This year's Crown Rally is about to get under way.

With 100 entrants ready to drive from the Twin Cities to Chicago and back, this mobile fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation is going to be a fun time for all. We congratulate everyone for participating and hope everyone has a great rally this weekend!

Victory & Reseda was grateful to have the opportunity to help participate in it through the efforts of the V&R Rivals campaign. As of going to press, Team Gasholes is in second place for fundraising, while Team Novas is in the Top 10. These two teams – as distinct as their personalities, vehicles and approaches to the Crown Rally – have been nothing but wonderful to work with.

We want to thank Tony Yost and Malyna Lem of Team Gasholes, Shane Sienko, Katie Nalpeka, Marky Weinmann, Gary Ezell, Anna Ledstrom of Team Novas for being a part of this inaugural V&R Rivals campaign. We also want to thank you for participating to help us raise funds and celebrate these two teams through the summer.

It is now time to Rally!

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