Historiography: Happy 100th Anniversary, Chevrolet!

On November 3, 1911, an automotive brand was born.

Over the past 100 years, the love child of Louis Chevrolet and William Durant became a household word from Alaska to Argentina and beyond. The bowtie is a badge that brought smiles to many who have either driven or owned the products that proudly displayed the nomenclature.

Today, Chevrolet has become a global nameplate. The next generation Malibu began production in South Korea, while the new Colorado mid-sized pickup just went on sale in Thailand. The extended range electric vehicle, the Volt, is about to go on sale across the United States in a matter of a few months. The future is bright for the old brand.

From a General Motors family who owned a few bowties along the way ('60 Corvair, '67 Impala…amongst others), Happy Anniversary Chevrolet!

Photo by Randy Stern

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