Victory & Reseda/InCarNation Vehicle of The Year Award 2015: It is A Whole New VOTY!

The Victory & Reseda Vehicle of The Year Award as it used to be... = Photo for Victory & Reseda provided by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
The Victory & Reseda Vehicle of The Year Award as it used to be… – Photo for Victory & Reseda provided by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

The award you came to know and love from Victory & Reseda is no more.

Eight Victory & Reseda Vehicle of The Year Awards were handed off to their respective manufacturers. Their accolades were deserved based on real world impressions, input from independent members of the automotive media and online voting from you. What it did was to give a spotlight to a blog with the gumption to give out awards to be the best of the year. It also gave social media a chance to drive opinion and help accomplish these goals aside from traditional award outlets.

However, the truth is in the annual grind in the automotive industry. There are simply too many awards being handed out. Some have more weight than others. Not every automaker will invest in co-celebrating the significance of each award, unless it comes from a more prestigious group of organizations and publications. Should every award be significant enough for manufacturers to gain from it? Yes…but, in truth, they are not enough for a manufacturer to even care if they won an award worth the weight of a penny.

Therefore the award as it has grown to become – the VOTY – is now no more.

However, there is twist to the story. This award is about to follow the reconstituted arc of this blog.

Think about how much this blog has focused its attention on the local car scene here in the Twin Cities. It is now seen as an integral part of it, thanks to several clubs and entities involved in it. One of those entities is called InCarNation – a group that fosters being an umbrella to bring everyone in the car community together through events and collaborations. Being a member of this group, InCarNation and V&R has become partners in many initiatives that will benefit both entities.

One of those initiatives is to create the most prestigious award in the Twin Cities car community. A few car communities offer such an award. However, the leadership of InCarNation felt that since the VOTY will not be presented in its former form, it was time to reinvent it into a more influential accolade. Something a car owner would be proud to be presented with.

The VOTY already carries some weight. V&R's readers and fans have seen photos of my presenting these awards to executives and important people within a brand or manufacturer in celebration of their achievement through the magic of social media. The tenets of the award will remain – expert evaluation and voter participation. What will change is the consideration of previous awards presented to a certain vehicle/owner.

Let us visit that last point. This award has been given to manufacturers based on a public vote. What proud car owner wouldn't want an award that carried the kind of weight it did through last November? Who would not want to be a part of legacy that broke many rules in its eight years of doing this?

Now, the name has been transferred to this high accolade given to the best of the best in this local carmmunity. The VOTY is still alive. It will mean something completely different.

The new Victory & Reseda Vehicle of The Year award – presented by InCarNation – will be handed off at the Garage Closer event on October 11, 2015 at Sociable Ciderworks in Nordeast Minneapolis (1500 Fillmore St NE). The event is from 1:00-5:00PM Central Time. If you are one of the 200 vehicles slated to register for the show, you are eligible for this grand accolade. When you register, please make sure to note every award you won during 2015 at the various shows you participated in. These shows are not exclusive to the Twin Cities metro area. If you won an award at Hot Import Nights in Chicago, that is considered eligible for consideration.

Could the VOTY be awarded to a vehicle that has never won an award anywhere? It is possible. All we – InCarNation and Victory & Reseda, that is – ask is to bring your A Game when you come to the Garage Closer. Believe me when I say that the judging part of this award will be tougher than you think.

What if you ended up with an award that was last won by the likes of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat? Or, a Cadillac that figured out how to make a 3-Series competitor? Or, one of the most innovative designs ever executed by Hyundai? It could be your car. It could happen…

So, out with the old VOTY and in with the new! Here is to a new chapter in its legacy and a new mission to be the most coveted award of enthusiasts in the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest! Bring it on October 11 and may the best car win!

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