Who are you?

Are you an enthusiast? Are you a person who wants to be an enthusiast? Do you have the best car in the world? Or, do you have the bets car you can find for the money you can spend?

We are all of the above – and in-between. But, what makes us tick? What makes us a car person? Or, a non-car person?

Is it the shows and meets we attend? Is it the clubs or social media groups we follow? Is it a slightly keen interest based on the car you drive?

Is it what you do for your automobile?

We get out the hose, bucket, car wash soap, detailing solutions, and cloths for a driveway wash-down. We might be ones who trust an automated car wash or professional detailer to make our vehicle sparkle. We might be the ones who open up the hood, take a few tools and make sure our vehicles tick. Or, we might be the ones who trust our favorite mechanic to expertly maintain our vehicles.

We are all of the above. To us, a vehicle is a necessity. It could also be a hobby. A vehicle could be the one thing that identify us. They might not know your name, but they recognize what you drive.

People want to pose with their vehicles. They want to show off their modifications, its performance, and the latest technology.

But, is this enthusiasm? Perhaps. But, there is more than just that…

An automobile is meant to be driven. From the day Mr. Daimler and Mr. Benz introduced their first self-propelled automobiles, albeit separately, they had to be driven. Each Ford Model T sent down the assembly line was driven off of it. From Crosleys to earth-moving machines, a driver was there to make it move from one point to another.

There is a moment when the mundane commute becomes an exciting one. The moment when the weekend opens up and a grocery trip becomes an adventure. It is the moment when boredom turns into dinner in another county…or another state/province.

It is you, your loved ones, your friends, and your car community compatriots finding time to drive on a lovely summer day. Or, to find the fall colors or the first signs of spring. It is the ritual of heading to warmer weather when the climate becomes inhospitable.

We dream of grand drives for memories to be fulfilled. We could be driving along the Pacific Coast Highway from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco with stops at Big Sur and Cannery Row. It could be a climb through the Rockies. It could be the dramatic and buccolic drive from New Hampshire into the Maritimes – or, the North Shore along Lake Superior. It could be a lonely run across the continent with little or no stopping just to escape the world.

It could be the Stelvio Pass one day, the Riviera the next and the smooth highways in Spain for an encore. It could be retracing the Silk Road, tracing the source of the Nile, or crossing the outback.

No matter where you drive on this planet, an adventure awaits. This is why Victory & Reseda is here…and the reason you are reading this website.

V&R encourages you to get out there and drive. We'll be there on the road with you. Do us a favor…and, #justdrive.

Photo by Randy Stern

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