Yes, There Will Be a Terrain Denali!

Remember our old friend the GMC Terrain?

You know, that buffed, squared off two-row crossover that yielded two pieces on here and a two-page spread in Lavender magazine? The one that conquered Interstates 90 and 94, and the first snow of the Twin Cities' so-called winter…that one! Well, General Motors' mainstream two-row crossover provided the biggest surprise of the week for us in the auto journalism business.

A month ago at the Chicago Auto Show, a few of us journos were milling around the GMC stand after the 2013 Acadia was revealed to the universe. The discussion focused back at the Terrain and what we would love to see from its smallest and second most selling product. Once the word "Denali" came up, the ideas flowed just as a dam was opened up along the Mississippi River.

In my reviews of the Terrain, I mentioned how the SLT-2 models I drove were equipped short of a Denali-level model. Yet, no one gave any indication that GMC's top end sub-brand was even considered for the two-row crossover.

We could dream, right?

Twin Cities 2012: The Celebration Comes Home

The hometown auto show can still be welcoming…sometimes.

This year's Twin Cities Auto Show packed the Minneapolis Convention Center with plenty of eye candy for everyone. Though devoid of the concepts seen at the major shows, there were plenty of surprises to be had on the show floor. Overall, one goal was accomplished – it brought every brand sold in the state of Minnesota (and Western Wisconsin) under one roof.

I was there on the first day, Saturday March 10th, as well as Media event on Monday March 12th. Both days were needed to take in photography and catch up on vehicles I saw in Chicago. It was also a chance to interface with local friends, industry folks and to see who in the local media would cover this event.

The event also engaged my links back to my core readership through a preview in Lavender magazine and promos through two local community organizations – the North Country Bears and the Minneapolis Movie Bears. Tickets were given away to a lucky few readers and supporters in drawings held at two events. In all, this Auto Show was to increase engagement with the readership.

The show offered more for the attendee.

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My roommate, Melodie Neff, is selling her old car – a 2003 Chevrolet Impala LS. She recently purchased a 2011 BMW 328i 4-door with xDrive (an E90, that is) as a fine compliment to her career as a employment recruiter and master networker. The Impala served her well for these past nine years (she's the original owner – a North Dakota car that has been garaged 100% of the time) and it was time to move forward – and upward.

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