Your Turn: The Camera Eye Personified

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Creative people are drawn to other creative people – it's just a fact!

This is why I started doing a new segment for V&R – Your Turn. This is a forum to feature other creative folks that you may or may not have heard of. Their talents range from automotive photography to humorous writing from a different point-of-view transportation-wise. Your Turn posts will also feature stories of reader's rides – whether they love them or otherwise.

The first person to step into this role is St. Paul-based photographer Kevin Jack.

Five Favorites for The Glamorous Life

WOI 2008 3

What if you lived the glamorous life?

How do I define the "glamorous life" You probably watched the plethora of reality television shows, such as "The Real Housewives of [fill in your favorite upscale metropolitan area here]" and "The A-List [fill in your favorite urban gay male enclave here]." Some of us love the fact that the bourgeois can be as real as everyone else, but with a more pretentious taste. Some of us get nauseated at this display of civility and breeding amongst the nouveau riche gone wrong.

Do participation in the glamorous life mean one has to balance the silver spoon with bad behavior? When has success become so ugly? Is being a member of the A-List mean being less than human in some relevant traits?

Five Favorites to Take on a Track Day

Track days. They are a simple test between human and machine.

The subject of track days came about during a discussion on advanced driver education programs. There has been a push to create driver education programs for teenagers by teaching them advanced, but necessary skills. Car control is a huge piece of the puzzle, as teenagers need to understand how their vehicle can react when presented with a dangerous situation. It used to be called "defensive driving," but teaching these skills on controlled environments raises this concept to new levels.

Gadgetry and Responsibility – The Infotainment Quandary

2009 Hyundai Sonata 7

It used to be that we turned on the radio – and that's all we did to keep entertained and informed while rolling along the highway.

The void on the upper end of the center stack of our new vehicle certainly evolved over the past several decades. We began just with an AM radio band. Then we added the FM band, 8-track tape cartridges, cassette tapes, compact discs…and so forth. Today, we can do so many things than just listen to music while we drive – it is starting to become distracting.

Yet, has our want for infotainment became a distraction to our driving?

Historiography: Twenty-Five Years of Acura – One Small Tale To Tell

2012 Acura TSX Sport Wagon

Not a lot of us can claim to witness the birth of an automobile phenomenon.

It came in the 1980's, when the nation was divided between Yuppiedom and everyone else on the other side of the Reaganomics fence. On the better side of the fence came a litmus test for an established group of automobile manufacturers. The Japanese proved they could build quality at an affordable price. While the domestic automobile industry struggled with its own quality issues, the Japanese established their own manufacturing base on North American soil.

A brilliant marketing plan was unfolding at American Honda's headquarters in Torrance, California. Since Honda figured out how to cater to Yuppies on their way up towards a BMW income, why not introduce automobiles that will keep them in the family? Honda dealers balked at wanting cars priced north of $17,000 in heir showrooms, which gave the American Honda folks another brilliant idea: Why not market these cars under it's own nameplate?

Automobiles…It's What's on TV!

I don't watch television like most people do. Sometimes, I'll go to my laptop, log on to Hulu, YouTube or some website and get my views on shows via stream. I even own a few episodes via iTunes. But, that's it.

It may appear that I am missing a lot. Not really. Social media keeps me informed of what's going on – especially automotive shows. In the past year or so, American viewers had seen their exposure to such shows double. Thanks to cable, you can follow these shows on various evenings to get your fill of four-wheel insanity – without having to sit through a few hours of auto racing.

There are four television shows about automobiles on American television. Here's a quick rundown of these shows…

The New King

2011 Chevrolet Cruze 15

There's nothing more fragile than the price of crude oil.

In the middle of May, consumers witnessed petrol pump prices at its highest in history. In response to the extraordinary cost of fuel, the new vehicle market experienced higher sales for smaller cars, SUVs and crossovers.

For years, the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic ruled the small car market. Yet, in the first half of 2011, both compact stalwarts found themselves outclassed by the competition. As demonstrated in my last review, newer products, such as the Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte, and the 2012 Ford Focus have changed the game. Since then, a new 2012 Civic arrived at the scene – perhaps a bit too late.

On a MoVenture…

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