Do You Have The "Feel?"

It is a locally-published book compiling a century's worth of automotive writing by the best of the best – or, other related pieces. In 2010, Motorbooks in Minneapolis produced Life is A Highway: A Century of Great Automiobile Writing, under the editorship of Darwin Holmstrom and Melinda Keefe. It has been a pleasure to revisit some of my heroes of automotive writing through this fantastic compilation.

Distilling a Big News Day

The quote above was tweeted on Tuesday while in the midst of taking photos across downtown Minneapolis and fielding a round of press releases on my Blackberry. When automotive journalists get news from the industry, we try our best to analyze it for you. Some opinion comes out, but only based on analysis rather than pure editorial.

Five Favorites from 1977

TweetThirty-five years ago, automobile dealers in North America anticipated a major change in their fortunes. Or, was it all about product all along? 1977…

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

A journalist's tools are vital to his or her success. The most prominent tool of this journalist was one forged from the ideas of a visionary. Thank you, Steve Jobs, for making the work of a lot of us in the working press – myself included – much easier today. Godspeed, Mr. Jobs.

A Hybrid Balancing Act

It started when I drove my first Toyota Prius ten years ago at a Farmer’s Market on Madison's Capitol Square. What surprised me about that Prius was how it drove like a normal small sedan, despite a few sonic differences. There was some initial resistance based on some quirkiness in the styling inside and out along with the concern about battery life and overall reliability of the system.

The Speculator: Lincoln's Future

If you've seen "The Sound of Music" a few times, you have to wonder why these nuns would have a problem with Julie Andrews in the first place! Then again, she would become the nanny for the Von Trapp family, have their children deal with their absentee father by becoming a world famous signing troupe, and then escape the Nazis out of Austria so they could live freely somewhere else.

The Speculator: Dodge's New Compact

With the compact market climbing into prominence in the past year, there is still a feeling that something is still missing from the party. But, what would be missing here? Or, rather, who?

The Speculator: GM's Mid-Sized Global Pickup

It’s not true. As much as we know about this industry, we can analyze, criticize, express opinions and make recommendations to the companies. Yet, we do not have the power to actually change anything.