Historiography: Happy 100th Anniversary, Chevrolet!

Over the past 100 years, the love child of Louis Chevrolet and William Durant became a household word from Alaska to Argentina and beyond. The bowtie is a badge that brought smiles to many who have either driven or owned the products that proudly displayed the nomenclature.

It's SEMA Time!

Tweet 2013 Lexus GS by Five Axis. Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Remember the IAA in Frankfurt? Of course you did. Any…

Transit Buses 101: Who Makes 'Em?

Metro Transit New Hybrid Bus at Living Green Expo 2009 2

We often take buses for granted.

When we commute, we don't care what we get onto to get us to our destination. We hop on, find a seat, plug into some device and hope nothing crazy happens next to us. If we have to stand, we hope that we are equally safe and secure.

But, all this business of homeland security and economic insecurity creates a wedge in our own psyche. We take the bus so we can leave the car behind, so we can save money without feeding the petrol pump. Yet, we do not want to be presented with a class war inside of a conveyance we are paying for through our property and incomes taxes. We might not be vocal about these wedges, but they are indeed present deep inside our minds.

Yet, we have to live with the decisions we make to get us to work on time comfortably and safely. If we chose public transport based on a decision dictated by our pocketbook, we are doing our part to cut emissions and reinvesting in our transportation infrastructure. Our decision to ride transit has a positive adding to a trend towards growth in bus, rail and commuter ferry ridership.

Have you ever thought about the exact vehicle you are riding in?

Purple for a Cause

I understand that the media has been going on about this anti-bullying business for over a year now. After Justin Aaberg's suicide last year in nearby Anoka, the issue has not gone away. Recently, a 15-year-old in Ottawa, Ontario took his own life because he couldn't wait for things to get better. He was bullied because he did not want to play hockey, but rather do ice skating.

Commentary: Three Months and Done

This is not exactly the news we wanted to hear, considering that the economy has veered itself slightly off the recovery track. The loss of 800 jobs to Minnesota's economy may seem like a drop in the bucket, but it is not. Not after the budget mess this state endured this summer.

Dan Wheldon 1978-2011

Since age 6, I was attracted by the excitement of the race. Of Richard Petty and his all-conquering light blue #43 Plymouths and Dodges in NASCAR. Of Mario Andretti conquering Indy car and Formula 1 in an eight-year span. Of the tragedies each variant of motorsport we experienced as fans of drivers we fondly remember today.

The F30 Show – Live from Munich

I understand why the 3-Series is both loved and hated by everyone. It is a symbol of prestige and performance. When you make it in life, the 3-Series is on your shopping list. If you want an enthusiast sedan for under $35,000, you consider one. Or, you avoid anything having to do with the Roundel for something closer to your taste and style for the same amount of money.

Do You Have The "Feel?"

It is a locally-published book compiling a century's worth of automotive writing by the best of the best – or, other related pieces. In 2010, Motorbooks in Minneapolis produced Life is A Highway: A Century of Great Automiobile Writing, under the editorship of Darwin Holmstrom and Melinda Keefe. It has been a pleasure to revisit some of my heroes of automotive writing through this fantastic compilation.

Distilling a Big News Day

The quote above was tweeted on Tuesday while in the midst of taking photos across downtown Minneapolis and fielding a round of press releases on my Blackberry. When automotive journalists get news from the industry, we try our best to analyze it for you. Some opinion comes out, but only based on analysis rather than pure editorial.