Five Favorites for Going Back to Campus

Every college town – big and small – face the same onslaught of students coming back from the summer to resume academic life again. The future of our country bound for a college across town or on the other side of the country with their cars filled to the gills with everything for their dormitory or apartment. The parents tag along with a case of tissues hidden amongst the rest of their child's stuff.

Your Turn: The Camera Eye Personified

This is why I started doing a new segment for V&R – Your Turn. This is a forum to feature other creative folks that you may or may not have heard of. Their talents range from automotive photography to humorous writing from a different point-of-view transportation-wise. Your Turn posts will also feature stories of reader's rides – whether they love them or otherwise.

This is Your Victory & Reseda, Too!

TweetThe key to success in social media is engagement. Engagement is a huge thing to consider when you use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, blogs, Flickr,…

On The Dial: Gadgetry and Responsibility

The void on the upper end of the center stack of our new vehicle certainly evolved over the past several decades. We began just with an AM radio band. Then we added the FM band, 8-track tape cartridges, cassette tapes, compact discs…and so forth. Today, we can do so many things than just listen to music while we drive – it is starting to become distracting.

Historiography: Twenty-Five Years of Acura – One Small Tale To Tell

It came in the 1980's, when the nation was divided between Yuppiedom and everyone else on the other side of the Reaganomics fence. On the better side of the fence came a litmus test for an established group of automobile manufacturers. The Japanese proved they could build quality at an affordable price. While the domestic automobile industry struggled with its own quality issues, the Japanese established their own manufacturing base on North American soil.

Automobiles…It's What's on TV!

I don't watch television like most people do. Sometimes, I'll go to my laptop, log on to Hulu, YouTube or some website and get my views on shows via stream. I even own a few episodes via iTunes. But, that's it.

It may appear that I am missing a lot. Not really. Social media keeps me informed of what's going on – especially automotive shows. In the past year or so, American viewers had seen their exposure to such shows double. Thanks to cable, you can follow these shows on various evenings to get your fill of four-wheel insanity – without having to sit through a few hours of auto racing.

There are four television shows about automobiles on American television. Here's a quick rundown of these shows…

The New King

In the middle of May, consumers witnessed petrol pump prices at its highest in history. In response to the extraordinary cost of fuel, the new vehicle market experienced higher sales for smaller cars, SUVs and crossovers.

On a MoVenture…

TweetThe art of driving is not only knowing where you're going – but the fun you find along the way. What if your adventure…

Carmageddon It!

TweetThere are moments when I am glad I left Southern California for good in 1996. Leading up to this weekend, Los Angeles had been…