The Culture of the Roundel

Tweet 2011 BMW 3-Series. Photo by Randy Stern When you see the letters "BMW," what does that mean to you? In the automotive world,…

Getting Real

2011 GMC Acadia 5

Pride Week. I'm glad it arrived when it did.

Why? Did you see the video I posted a couple of weeks ago? The "It Gets Better" video from General Motors' YouTube page has been resonating with me since then. Not because I've been driving, reviewing and writing about a row of GM products of late. It is more than that: The acknowledgement of the messages those professionals at GM gave to those of us who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender – who truly love automobiles – some hope in the face of adversity.

The Way of the Pickup Truck

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 16

The pickup truck – it is an American institution.

For as long as the automotive industry installed pre-fabricated boxes to be placed behind a chassis-cab truck, Americans used the good ol' pickup primarily as a work vehicle. If you built something, you used your truck to haul your tools and materials to your job site. If you're a farmer, you used your truck to distribute hay bails or send needed items out to the far reaches of your property.

As work vehicles, they dutifully serve their owners well. Even so, the pickup truck also serves as a recreational vehicle. Whether it is a camper that slid onto the bed or pulling a trailer with the family boat on it, pickups are asked to do more and are configured to provide the performance necessary to enjoy life.

The Once and Forever G8

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GM Says "It Gets Better"

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Memories of Riding the Old RTD

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Skin Deep

2011 Buick Regal CXL Turbo 3

You'd think that after a couple of postings that there may have not been any conclusions made regarding the relationship between the automotive industry and the GLBT community. The questions asked over the past couple of weeks simply remain unanswered. Yet, for every unanswered question, there are a few more to ponder about.

The survey conducted for the "Them and Us" series was a telltale sign of how the GLBT community has gone beyond being selective of their products based on the industry's relationship with their culture. It also revealed a want for knowledge and awareness of which automobile brands would welcome them into the showroom and provide them with unprejudiced sales and after-sales care.