Carmageddon It!

TweetThere are moments when I am glad I left Southern California for good in 1996. Leading up to this weekend, Los Angeles had been…

A Teenage Dream

TweetCan you be a teenager and drive a car in this country? Legally, yes. The average starter age to obtain a driver’s license in…

The Brand New 40 MPG Sedan

There is a reason behind making this audacious statement. In my realm of social media, I receive many feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ from my automobile sources. They speak in an institutional voice that is necessary to convey a condensed message within the constraints of these outlets. It is the art of language distilled in a short burst of words, hashtags and shortened URLs.

Quickies: Yes, But Is It A Real Saab?

When we get to a certain age…or, near it…we often compile a list of things we always wanted to see or do before it’s too late. As fatalistic and morbid as it sounds, the bucket list is where our dreams get a final chance to be fully realized.

The Culture of the Roundel

TweetWhen you see the letters “BMW,” what does that mean to you? In the automotive world, one expects a certain level of excellence from…