The Culture of the Roundel

TweetWhen you see the letters “BMW,” what does that mean to you? In the automotive world, one expects a certain level of excellence from…

Getting Real

For every person appearing in that video, there is always someone who will argue that people like myself do not matter. For the former New York Giants Super Bowl hero, the member of Congress in the north and east suburbs of the Twin Cities and the security person at Target Field, we are challenged with finding positive ways to overcome the negativity that pervades in every corner of our society. GM has done exactly that with their “It Gets Better” video.

The Way of the Pickup Truck

For as long as the automotive industry installed pre-fabricated boxes to be placed behind a chassis-cab truck, Americans used the good ol’ pickup primarily as a work vehicle. If you built something, you used your truck to haul your tools and materials to your job site. If you’re a farmer, you used your truck to distribute hay bails or send needed items out to the far reaches of your property.

The Once and Forever G8

TweetLet me get personal for a moment: I miss Pontiac. General Motors’ bankruptcy forced the largest automotive concern in the world to make some…

GM Says "It Gets Better"

TweetLast September, I found myself in the whirlwind of the local reaction to the suicide of Justin Aaberg. In talking with his mother, Tammy,…

Skin Deep

You’d think that after a couple of postings that there may have not been any conclusions made regarding the relationship between the automotive industry and the LGBT community. The questions asked over the past couple of weeks simply remain unanswered. Yet, for every unanswered question, there are a few more to ponder about.

Commentary: Pentastar Trending

TweetI love social media. No, seriously, I do. It's a great way to connect with people and entities following a common interest and cause….