Commentary: Pentastar Trending

TweetI love social media. No, seriously, I do. It's a great way to connect with people and entities following a common interest and cause….

Them and Us (Part 2)

If marketing drives a consumer decision, can there be anything else to convince a cultural group to be loyal to a particular brand?

Them and Us (Part 1)

If money talks, then why are some people refuse to allow around nine percent of the American population to say anything? Or, simply, be themselves?

The "Bear-Sized Sedan Comparison" Revisited

I found that by making a comparison would put me in a precarious situation. This always results in leaving something significant out of the mix. It is not certain whether I was able to pull it off in my Capstone back in grad school. Considering the grade I received, I may have done the trick.

The Definitions Section

TweetIf there’s one thing I’ve learned from completing my graduate program is there is a method to everything that is completed. Academia certain had…

Finishing Graduate School in Style

On April 16, I made my final classroom appearance as a graduate student. That day, I spent 45-minutes parsing out issues in the performing arts regarding performances that challenge an audience’s perceptions of culture and identity. All I did was talk about the Capstone for 25 minutes, click the clicker to my PowerPoint presentation and facilitated a discussion for the remaining time. I also had to be engaged for the other five fellow Capstone travelers by reviewing their papers and participating in their discussions.