On The Dial: Take A RoadWorthy Drive On The Radio

Now on his fifth year, Chester hosts two shows every week for dozens of affiliates nationwide. It all began with his first affiliate in Topeka, Kansas – KMAJ-AM – in 2016. From there, his show is now heard nationwide, including across Iowa and several stations here in Minnesota. Chester’s show is heard in smaller cities and rural communities, with some using Neilsen’s measuring service for ratings.

My Thoughts Exactly: 2021 Kia K5

Of course, things change. So is Kia. They just introduced a new marketing and brand strategy that is future-forward and relevant. That is reflected on their latest offerings that have debuted since the Seltos SUV.

Travelogue: A Personal History of The Rental Car

If we are pressed to get somewhere over hundreds of miles to some far away vacation place, we fly. That means the rigor of packing, getting bags through to the destination, going through security and getting on board when you are called to do so.

My Thoughts Exactly: 2021 Ford F-150

Maybe I was too accustomed to the outgoing model. That last F-150 was innovative with its aluminum cab and bed bolted on top of a stronger frame. Then, you have not one, but three EcoBoost V6s engines, along with a diesel and a well-balanced V8 to the lineup. And, let’s not forget about the Raptor! Even with fewer cylinders and two turbochargers, the Raptor lived up to its mission of its original V8 icon, and rightfully so.

COVID-19 Update: New Year, Same Difference

The number cases and deaths rose in the USA to new levels that set off alarms across the country. A new set of guidelines and lockdowns were in place from state to state. The entire holiday season was spent with a few people at home with varying guidelines, depending on where you lived.

The Defender

First, the name Land Rover evokes images of the British Commonwealth. Of Series IIA 110-inch wheelbase models traversing the Tanzanian countryside or stationed at a Royal Air Force base as a troop carrier. These machines wore the badge proudly as the ambassador of the UK to its far flung lands discovering new territories.