Photo Essay: Porsche "Pops Up" For The Holidays and the Super Bowl

All Photos by Randy Stern

Your Holiday gift shopping is probably routine. Gifts for the spouse, children, close friends, co-workers, neighbors…you.

You walk by all of the stores, their displays, looking for something that will catch your eye.

Then, a car appears…OK, three cars. Then, your brain starts swirling. "Hmmm….a car for the Holidays!"

In this case, it's not just any car. These three cars just happen to be Porsches. They're full-scale, full-priced machines that are the stuff of legend.

If you're transfixed in front of that Porsche store, then the Carousel Group thanks you. The Twin Cities' dealership group combined their Minneapolis and St. Paul Porsche stores to create a brand experience stop at the Galleria Edina, southwest of downtown Minneapolis. Being a shopping center for upmarket and luxury goods demographics, Porsche was a perfect match to create a "pop-up" store that combined its products, heritage, and a multimedia experience focusing on the essence of the brand and its iconic product line.

On "Black Friday," the Porsche stores' Vice President and General Manager Chase D. Hawkins stated that there were around 600 visitors that first day. Visitors will not be able to buy any of the combined stores' inventory on site or offer test drives. On-site staff will be able to gauge interest by collecting information and send them to their nearest location.

This pop-up store is not just for the Holidays. As U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is the site of Super Bowl LII, the store will be open through March – running up to the Twin Cities Auto Show. This will be an incentive for the visitors coming to Minneapolis for this major sporting and social event.

In the meantime, here are a few images from the pop-up store…enjoy!

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