SlashMedia Takes Asia – Part 1

Josh, Veronica, and Rezal at the 2018 Twin Cities Auto Show – Photo by Randy Stern

V&R's friends and collaborators, slashMedia, are on an adventure right now in Asia.

One of the crew is actually getting married (Rezal) in Malaysia. Josh, Kevin, and Veronica went off last weekend to join Rezal in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the matrimony. From there, everyone will be on an adventure in other countries.

This first installment has Josh, Kevin, and Veronica leaving Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for Kuala Lumpur via Tokyo's Haneda Airport. Let's find out how that part of the trip went…

Yes, Rezal drives a Proton Waja. Yes, Kevin has driven a right-hand drive car before. And, now, Josh wants one of those Japanese vans that seem to be in style in Kuala Lumpur. And yes, that was a McDonald's.

Also, Japan is completely into Kit Kats. But, you knew that already, right?

…and, wait, there's more!

In this other video, they check out a pool where the fish will eat your feet, along with a night on top of a helipad. Plus, a lot more interesting cars found in Kuala Lumpur!

The one thing I hoped for from the slashMedia crew was the car scene in Kuala Lumpur. They delivered massively. You probably saw some vehicles you have seen before and others that may be strange to your eyes. Malaysians love their cars and we will probably see more from that scene over the next series of videos from slashMedia.

More adventures to come! We are happy for Rezal and wish him and his bride-to-be absolute happiness! As for Josh, Veronica, and Kevin – stay tuned!

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