The Return of Alfa Romeo

Tweet All Photos courtesy of Fiat S.p.A. Alfa Romeo – a great car company once lost to the North American market. If I ask…

The Speculator: Post-Dart

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern The Dodge Dart has just about reached its final destination – the showroom. It is a cause for…

It's a Dart!

Remember the Dodge-Alfa Romeo compact I "speculated" a month or so ago? Well…it's got a name…

Much to the glee of everyone even remotely not in the automotive industry, the Dart name is a throwback to a simpler time. The nomenclature's reappearance was received with such joy never seen of any automobile in a very long time. It received huge media coverage – one of the television outlets in the Twin Cities had a piece on the Dart's return.

Perhaps I should explain why everyone went absolutely ecstatic over Chrysler's announcement of their new compact's name.

The Speculator: Dodge's New Compact

With the compact market climbing into prominence in the past year, there is still a feeling that something is still missing from the party. But, what would be missing here? Or, rather, who?