Historiography: The "X" Factor

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Throwback Review: The Impala Phase

07Chevrolet Impala 1

The Taurus was…the Impala is.

Why the reference to the Ford Taurus? With the exception of the reconstituted Chicago-built Five Hundred, the Taurus was the automotive equivalent to comfort food. Maybe not the last couple of examples of fleet-only afterthoughts, but every Taurus I drove like a comfy old friend bound for adventure.

The only other car that felt that way was the 1995-2000 Chevrolet Lumina. It was also built to gobble miles in pleasing comfort. In my time in Washington, DC, I enjoy my turns in the Lumina without embarrassment. In fact, I love those drives!

What's left in today's market? Is there another traditional American sedan that will seat full-sized adults for long periods of time? Is there another car equaling to comfort food for me?