Throwback Review: Call It What You Will…

07Suzuki XL7 607Suzuki XL7 8

What do you think this particular SUV needs to make it stand out in a crowded market? It's an odd looking entry, isn't it?

Perhaps it needs a mask. Nissan created a new preview site for their upcoming GT-R coupe as a play on the multitude of videos posted of their prototypes in action at the Nurburgring. Each one of these testers had a black mask obscuring the front end of each vehicle. Therefore, Nissan dubbed their preview site after the "black mask." This gives the upcoming supercar a bit of mystery before its official unveiling at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show.

However, the vehicle I'm reviewing needs more than just a black mask. To set the record straight, the vehicle in question is neither a high performance coupe nor a Nissan product.

What the Suzuki XL-7 needed was a paper bag.

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