#VOTY09: …And The Winner Is…

Tweet Photo by Randy Stern When #VOTY09 was awarded, it went through the ringer with another close victory. For the third straight year, it…

Throwback Review: The Impala Phase

Why the reference to the Ford Taurus? With the exception of the reconstituted Chicago-built Five Hundred, the Taurus was the automotive equivalent to comfort food. Maybe not the last couple of examples of fleet-only afterthoughts, but every Taurus I drove like a comfy old friend bound for adventure.

Throwback Review: That Old Chestnut Called the Pontiac G6

I had a habit of renting cars in lieu of actual car ownership. They were expensive forms of therapy that enabled me to explore the place I call home. In the first several years of my life in the Twin Cities, General Motors provided a particular car that would be a staple of anything I attempted to do to explore and be social.

Throwback Review: Rethinking the Mid-Size American Sedan

When I get behind the wheel of a car I would consider buying, I let nothing get by me. Details are just the beginning. From there, I have no qualms about making this a game of inches. Fuel economy, driving position, rear seat room, ergonomics…wheel travel.

Throwback Review: Call It What You Will…

Perhaps it needs a mask. Nissan created a new preview site for their upcoming GT-R coupe as a play on the multitude of videos posted of their prototypes in action at the Nurburgring. Each one of these testers had a black mask obscuring the front end of each vehicle. Therefore, Nissan dubbed their preview site after the "black mask." This gives the upcoming supercar a bit of mystery before its official unveiling at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show.