VOTY '12: Shortlisted

Tweet Photo by Randy Stern The data has been crunched. The panel of jurors has spoken. Out of 39 vehicles considered for the Victory…

Leveraging the Cost of Luxury

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern There was once a time when luxury came in large packages. When we wanted luxury, we often went…

Chicago 2012: What's New at McCormick Place

Chicago Auto Show is still considered one of the major exhibitions of the automobile in the USA. Being one of the "majors" on the USA auto show circuit, manufacturers are given the opportunity to debut brand new or revised models to their lineups. Chicago continues to provide this opportunity for the automotive world to see what’s new and different for the upcoming model year.

In recent times, manufacturers are no longer tied to the auto shows to create debut events. Also, the number of opportunities for these debuts are being consolidated or reduced for various different reasons. At one time, the Chicago Auto Show organizers were planning to consolidate their press conference schedule into one day. Luckily, they did not do so this year. Who is to say whether they will do this in the future?

Still, there are some debuts to be discussed. Here’s the best ones that showed up at McCormick Place…

Which Ones Sold How Many in 2011?

The annual sales figures are in! I could recount which vehicles were the best sellers in the nation, but I’d rather concentrate on how last year’s main vehicle review subjects fared in 2011. Also, I try to analyze how each vehicle could fare in the coming year.

Them and Us – Epilogue

In May on V&R (and in October in Lavender), there was an article looking at the corporate view of the interconnection between the automotive industry and the LGBT community. It spurred plenty of discussion offline on how this information either helped both sides of the question – or, whether it truly mattered at all.

As an update to these articles, the Human Rights Campaign just released their 2012 Corporate Equality Index.

Los Angeles 2011: The Auto Show that's 23 Miles from Victory & Reseda

It's true – I grew up 23 miles away from the site of this year's Los Angeles Auto Show.

So, how did I get 1,935 miles away from it? Why was I not there to cover it? Long story…but the show did yield some spectacular debuts. Some of these world premieres were well worth the wait.

It is a good thing that the Los Angeles Auto Show found resonance in its timeslot in November. The show itself puts the West Coast in the spotlight for our industry. November in Los Angeles is a great time to soak it all in – just before the Thanksgiving crush.

I'm talking about those of us in and around the automotive industry. But, for those of you who are planning to attend the show…what a way to spend turkey week!

The Brand New 40 MPG Sedan

There is a reason behind making this audacious statement. In my realm of social media, I receive many feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ from my automobile sources. They speak in an institutional voice that is necessary to convey a condensed message within the constraints of these outlets. It is the art of language distilled in a short burst of words, hashtags and shortened URLs.