It's SEMA Time!

Tweet 2013 Lexus GS by Five Axis. Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Remember the IAA in Frankfurt? Of course you did. Any…

A Hybrid Balancing Act

It started when I drove my first Toyota Prius ten years ago at a Farmer’s Market on Madison's Capitol Square. What surprised me about that Prius was how it drove like a normal small sedan, despite a few sonic differences. There was some initial resistance based on some quirkiness in the styling inside and out along with the concern about battery life and overall reliability of the system.

Them and Us (Part 1)

If money talks, then why are some people refuse to allow around nine percent of the American population to say anything? Or, simply, be themselves?

Finishing Graduate School in Style

On April 16, I made my final classroom appearance as a graduate student. That day, I spent 45-minutes parsing out issues in the performing arts regarding performances that challenge an audience’s perceptions of culture and identity. All I did was talk about the Capstone for 25 minutes, click the clicker to my PowerPoint presentation and facilitated a discussion for the remaining time. I also had to be engaged for the other five fellow Capstone travelers by reviewing their papers and participating in their discussions.