Continuing a Tradition

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The Speculator: Post-Dart

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern The Dodge Dart has just about reached its final destination – the showroom. It is a cause for…

Skyactiv or "Zoom -Zoom?"

If you've seen the commercials and advertisements for Mazda's vehicles, then you know what "zoom-zoom" is. It is the tag-line of an automobile company that always had an enthusiast bent. Whether it was economy cars, pickup trucks, crossovers and roadsters, the notion of "zoom-zoom" is felt when you find the most mundane feature had an aggressive feel to it. It is as there's a bit of a sports car in everything Mazda sells.

Leveraging the Cost of Luxury

Tweet All photos by Randy Stern There was once a time when luxury came in large packages. When we wanted luxury, we often went…

Los Angeles 2011: The Auto Show that's 23 Miles from Victory & Reseda

It's true – I grew up 23 miles away from the site of this year's Los Angeles Auto Show.

So, how did I get 1,935 miles away from it? Why was I not there to cover it? Long story…but the show did yield some spectacular debuts. Some of these world premieres were well worth the wait.

It is a good thing that the Los Angeles Auto Show found resonance in its timeslot in November. The show itself puts the West Coast in the spotlight for our industry. November in Los Angeles is a great time to soak it all in – just before the Thanksgiving crush.

I'm talking about those of us in and around the automotive industry. But, for those of you who are planning to attend the show…what a way to spend turkey week!

It's SEMA Time!

Tweet 2013 Lexus GS by Five Axis. Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Remember the IAA in Frankfurt? Of course you did. Any…

My Favorite Captive Imports

At a time when the call was to tune down the horsepower and prepare for an oil crisis, a recession and a never ending war overseas, domestic automakers figured it was high time to build another round of compact cars. By going smaller, there were two routes to take: Build them domestically or import them from a global partner somewhere. Three out of the four North American automakers chose the latter.

My Favorite Vehicles for Going Back to Campus

Every college town – big and small – face the same onslaught of students coming back from the summer to resume academic life again. The future of our country bound for a college across town or on the other side of the country with their cars filled to the gills with everything for their dormitory or apartment. The parents tag along with a case of tissues hidden amongst the rest of their child's stuff.