Quickies: A Dynamic Shield Against The Competition

Since 2010, Mitsubishi produced a vehicle that has set the standard in the small SUV segment. This is old news, really. It remains a stalwart in its class, as more competitors have been added to compete against it. Some of my colleagues deemed the Outlander Sport as "old," "aging," "long in the tooth," and so forth.

Historiography: One of The Spoils of Living in California

My childhood was dictated by a few well-known facts about the USA automotive market. One, I lived in California. This was a very convenient place for importers to start their operations first, as its ports were across the Pacific from Japan and the Republic of Korea. Also, the state's market had a track record of customer acceptance of Japanese and Korean imports. Toyota and Nissan started in California and saw their fortunes grow there over time.

My Favorite Vehicles of 1969

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Plugged-In Ahead of The Curve

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Commentary: And Now We Know

Tweet Let me cut to the chase: We now know the outcome of the Mitsubishi Motors transaction with Nissan. From reading the notes of…