My Favorite Misbegotten Vehicles

Think about the idea of intention and purpose. A designer, an engineer, and an executive – oh, yes, let’s not forget the folks in accounting – are all involved in the process of creating a vehicle. Once everyone signs off on it, they have to campaign for its success. Even the marketing folks have to be on board with selling it to everyone – dealerships, the communications folks, and, ultimately, the consumer.

My Favorite Mid-Engine Cars

Mid-engine cars are not a new phenomenon. They’ve been around for decades. It is a simple set of physics and calculus that provides a car with near-perfect balance and center of gravity thanks to the engine mounted towards the middle of the vehicle.

Historiography: The "X" Factor

Tweet All Photos by Randy Stern In 1975, Cadillac took an important step to reclaim lost sales of their larger, more iconic automobiles. They…

Throwback Review: That Old Chestnut Called the Pontiac G6

I had a habit of renting cars in lieu of actual car ownership. They were expensive forms of therapy that enabled me to explore the place I call home. In the first several years of my life in the Twin Cities, General Motors provided a particular car that would be a staple of anything I attempted to do to explore and be social.