My Favorite Loss Leaders

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Historiography: Born From Jets

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Five Favorite Regrets

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Which Ones Sold How Many in 2011?

The annual sales figures are in! I could recount which vehicles were the best sellers in the nation, but I’d rather concentrate on how last year’s main vehicle review subjects fared in 2011. Also, I try to analyze how each vehicle could fare in the coming year.

My Favorite Vehicles of 2011

I get asked questions. I'll bet you know which ones I get asked the most.

On some level, Victory & Reseda provides some form of consumer information for the weary automobile shopper. At least I try to advise the interested car buyer whether a specific vehicle reviewed on here is worth cutting a check or not. It is not the main reason why I do this site, but it is something that is a byproduct of the work I put into this spot on the interwebs.

Yet, I am still asked which vehicle I would buy if I had the money right now to do so. The answer is a trick one. If I had a definitive vehicle I'd buy, this site would be almost meaningless. There would be a bias lurking in every word I post here. I try to avoid such things.

However, a particular vehicle could be influential on some level when I’m examining a competitor or, rather, something else from the same manufacturer. There would be one vehicle that stood out amongst the rest to say "that is the best vehicle I drove this year!"

Is there such a thing? If there were such a vehicle, would I have my integrity and objectivity threatened if I popped out an answer assuredly?

Over the past seven years, I had to dig deep as to which vehicles were amongst the best ever covered by me, whether you'd call it Victory & Reseda, MotorGeek or Lavender. This year alone had its highlights – a lot of them.

This certainly calls for a year-end Five Favorites post based on the best seven (yes, seven!) automobiles I've driven this year. There is a twist – let's try automotive experiences with these vehicles. For all the vehicles I've driven, there were some moments. Which ones stood out the most?

Saab Automobile – 1947-2011(?)

Perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

On Monday, December 19, 2011, the legal team representing Swedish Automobile, the parent company of Saab Automobile, filed for bankruptcy for their Trollhattan-based automaker. The brief was filed in light of General Motors exercising their right to decline the proposed deal for Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile to invest in their former asset. This was after Viktor Muller, the Dutch entrepreneur and CEO of Spyker Cars who bought Saab from GM, entertainment many offers to save the Swedish automaker.

Quickies: Yes, But Is It A Real Saab?

When we get to a certain age…or, near it…we often compile a list of things we always wanted to see or do before it’s too late. As fatalistic and morbid as it sounds, the bucket list is where our dreams get a final chance to be fully realized.