My Favorite Vehicles for Going Back to Campus

Every college town – big and small – face the same onslaught of students coming back from the summer to resume academic life again. The future of our country bound for a college across town or on the other side of the country with their cars filled to the gills with everything for their dormitory or apartment. The parents tag along with a case of tissues hidden amongst the rest of their child's stuff.

A 21st Century Celica?

Driving that Celica did confirm one thing: How much I loved them! That began when they first came out – a Japanese reinterpretation of the original Ford Mustang. Still, the small coupe left an indelible impression at various points in my life. There was a story my mom told how I was brought into the main office of my elementary school to be asked by my principal what car he should buy. Inadvertently, I said the Celica. He bought one and kept it for well over a decade. That was in 1971.

Them and Us (Part 2)

If marketing drives a consumer decision, can there be anything else to convince a cultural group to be loyal to a particular brand?

Them and Us (Part 1)

If money talks, then why are some people refuse to allow around nine percent of the American population to say anything? Or, simply, be themselves?

Finishing Graduate School in Style

To celebrate the end of this journey, I felt somewhat compelled to finish this off in style. But, how? Certainly the only way I know to finishing anything off in style is with an automobile. The plan was simple: Arrive at the Capstone relaxed (but, nervous), ready to tackle on the day (but, wondering what I was missing in the paper or the presentation script) and hope I don’t screw up.