Chicago 2016: Playing Catch Up

TweetAfter seven Media Days, The Chicago Auto Show still serves up good opportunities to catch debuts of new products, watch revisions of current ones…

Historiography: America, Meet Volvo!

Before Volvo's rebound was a deep history that is often forgotten outside of enthusiast circles. A company that began building automobiles in 1927, but had never seen real success until they arrived on American soil in 1955. From there, a legacy was forged through innovations in safety and a loyal fanbase of owners and enthusiasts.

My Favorite Vehicles of 2015

TweetIn a busy year full of adventures with car clubs, cruises, big events, media junkets and auto shows, where do I have enough time…

Them and Us (Part 2)

If marketing drives a consumer decision, can there be anything else to convince a cultural group to be loyal to a particular brand?

Them and Us (Part 1)

If money talks, then why are some people refuse to allow around nine percent of the American population to say anything? Or, simply, be themselves?