Twin Cities 2007: Just Another Minneapolis Auto Show

TCAS_08R8 2
2008 Audi R8. Photo by Randy Stern

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something…else.

Where do I begin with my brief visit to the Auto Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center this evening? How about…something old? There are plenty of familiar vehicles on the floor I hate to be jaded, but I begin to feel that way when I see a multitude of vehicles, I’ve driven, sat in or averted my face. However, Chrysler rolled out some vintage vehicles to help point folks toward contemporary versions of these old flashy ladies.

What about something new? There’s plenty of that to report! Where to start…ah…you can check out at the Audi R8! I did not expect Audi’s attempt to undercut its Lamborghini cousins to show up in good ol’ Minnesota. Maybe it’s there because no one seems to find where the Maseratis are on the floor. The Saturn Astra showed up at the right time! They look like it will lead the charge for the Opelization of GM’s cool brand. I do need some wheel time in one when they come out. The new VUE is there as the Green Line. Score one for GM! Over a few paces was the Pontiac G8. When was the last time you saw a Holden in Minnesota? It’s hot, folks! Add the revised MINI Cooper…Oh My God! It’s actually roomier than the first generation! Not to mention the top line of the windshield is higher! I can see traffic lights above me! Oh, but, snap! The Volvo C30 is also utterly amazing for an upscale city car! The room, the outward vision…the all glass hatchback! *sigh*

OK, something borrowed…the new Ford Taurus! I wrote about this…and, now, seeing it up close confirmed everything I wrote about it.

Lastly, something green! After driving the new Ford Escape, I simply fell in love with the Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Not that I would turn my nose at the Escape Hybrid, but I happen to like some of the Mercury’s details better. Did I miss the new Mazda Tribute by chance? Maybe it was hidden from those CX-7s and CX-9s. I would’ve loved to see if they rolled out a Tribute Hybrid.

As for some other things, I finally sat in a Toyota Yaris Liftback. I am truly amazed at the room and can confirm that it is indeed a lower income person’s MINI Cooper. However, the MINI drives much, much better than the Yaris! Despite my complaints last year about the Honda Fit, if I sat in the Sport model, then I can say that the Fit does indeed fit!

Now, if you obey the R8 above and follow it to the Minneapolis Convention Center, it will let you see its interior! But…wait! The R8 looks quite upset…you better be nice to him!

The show runs through this weekend.

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