Twin Cities 2012: Be There!

TC Auto Show 2012 Promo 2
Photo by Randy Stern

What…are you expecting an invitation?

Guess what, folks, V&R (er, Randy Stern) is going to be at the 39th Annual Twin Cities Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center on the very first day. That would be Saturday, March 10 from 10:00AM until he has no legs to speak of or his Olympus camera decides to die or some other calamity occurs. What will he be doing? Um…read the official "press release" below…

As the gates open at 10:00AM, join V&R's and Lavender Magazine's automotive writer Randy Stern as he brings the show closer to you. You can either get a guided tour with Randy or venture on your own. The show offers many opportunities for attendees – such as a Ride & Drive experience (featuring 12 Chrysler and Fiat Group vehicles), a look at every vehicle sold in the Twin Cities market and interactive discussions with various people in and around the automotive industry. Lunch is available at the Convention Center or nearby. There is also a Dunn Brothers coffee kiosk at the Convention Center near the entrance to the Auto Show. Tickets are $10.00, but you can save $2.00 by logging onto It is preferred that you purchase your tickets in advance.

All are welcome as V&R kicks off the 39th Twin Cities Auto Show!

NOTE: To participate in the Ride & Drive, please do not consume alcohol before taking the wheel of one of the vehicles. They do breathalyzer testing at the Ride & Drive kiosk.

If are planning to go on March 10, there is a Facebook event set up by V&R that you can get updates on anything else leading to that day.

Oh, and V&R will be giving tickets away. If you have Facebook and Twitter – see when and where you can score free these free passes to the Twin Cities Auto Show. There will be more good things to be announced prior to March 10th…keep watching here! No, seriously…

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