Twin Cities 2016: Our Best Shots – Part 5

All Photos by Ben Lakson
All Photos by Ben Lakson

As a part of our Fifth Anniversary, I brought on some of our most creative people from our car community to show their coverage of the Twin Cities Auto Show. Five of these highly creative lensfolk responded to a call for photographers to cover the show's media preview. Of the photographers showcased on V&R for the Twin Cities Auto Show, you will see their ten best images from the show.

Our final photographer to be showcased in V&R is Ben Lakson. I met this young man through MNBMW, as an owner of a M3 cabriolet. He is often seen with other local photographers, Cher Pheng Lee of CP Fraudtography and Jacob Stevenson of GoldenPeaks Productions. Plus, Lakson has been around the car scene locally, not just with MNBMW.

However, Lakson wanted to try his hand on his own with his own images. This is his big chance right here! In the meantime, you can see his portfolio here.

So, last, but not least, here's Lakson's best images from this year's Twin Cities Auto Show…










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